• Bedsore Treatment in Lebanon

    Bedsore or pressure ulcer is an area of skin that breaks down when something keeps rubbing or pressing against it. Most Pressure sores are developed when a person you are caring for at home is confined to a chair or bed or after a long hospitalization. It involves a comprehensive and multidisciplinary care plan with consideration of all factors contributing to and affecting the patient’s wound.

    Pressure sores are grouped by their severity. Stage I is the earliest stage. Stage IV is the worst.

    Stage I: A reddened area on the skin that, when pressed, does not turn white. This is a sign that a pressure ulcer is starting to develop.
    Stage II: The skin blisters or forms an open sore. The area around the sore may be red and irritated.
    Stage III: The skin now develops an open, sunken hole called a crater. There is damage to the tissue below the skin.
    Stage IV: The pressure ulcer has become so deep that there is damage to the muscle and bone, and sometimes to tendons and joints.

    An infection can spread to the rest of the body and cause serious problems. Signs that the infection may have spread to the blood can include fever, weakness, and confusion. For this reason, a professional person should check you daily for pressure sores if you are at bed rest at home in order to prevent all these complications. Our experienced professionals working together for the common goal of holistic patient care at home have a Particular way for pressure ulcers treatment ”the PHC WAY” in cleaning and dressing: Results are guaranteed in a short time!