• Elderly Care in Lebanon

    Reduced stress and anxiety on your family member

    It is well known that moving to a nursing home can put a lot of stress on your aging loved one. This can often exacerbate the health issues they are facing and lead to further medical problems. Allowing your family member to receive elder care in the comfort of their own home will take away that stress and allow them to enjoy the same independence and quality of life they have become accustomed to.

    Care is customized to the needs of the individual

    It insures that your loved one receives a personalized health care plan from a professional nursing who has a passion to serve the elderly in order to fit their needs.

    Health Care at Home is a cost effective option

    Health Care at Home can save your loved one and the entire family a fortune in medical bills. If you are facing the difficult decision of how to care for an elderly family member, Health Care at Home is an option well worth considering.

    Our interest is to assist the old patient suffering from chronic disease or maybe needing assistance after a certain surgery or procedure. This care will be provided to your patient at home, with respect to his human dignity and independence, to ensure both physical and psychological support.

    Thus, our object is to:

    • Ensure the safety of the elderly.
    • Ensure good hygiene.
    • Ensure appropriate communication.
    • Avoid pressure ulcers.
    • Ensure monitoring of vital signs and the administration of drugs.
    • Provide various nursing services.