• Post Natale in Lebanon

    Moreover, we provide post natal care at home.

    For all post delivery issues, our experts in infanticulture (childcare) are always ready to provide new mothers post natal care and EDUCATION at home. It aims to familiarize them with the essential care that every baby should receive, as needed, during the first 6 to 8 weeks after birth.

    In order to ensure the best start in life for their newborn babies, we’ll help them to accustom to:

    • Baby's atmosphere.
    • Establishing breastfeeding.
    • Hygiene and infection prevention
    • Bathing.
    • Safe sleeping.
    • Milk Bottle Sterilization.
    • Clothing.
    • Maternal nutrition support.
    • Establishing breastfeeding.
    • Detection of general symptoms raising suspicion to dangerous situations..