• Medical Consultation in Lebanon

    When getting to a doctor’s office is too difficult, Patient Health Care physicians can come to you in aim to provide high-quality care where it’s most comfortable and convenient in your Home. Our trained practitioners, Specialist and Generalist Physicians offer a comprehensive level of expertise and understanding about health care and they will ready to work with your other physicians in order to continue their care and keep them updated on your progress. Home Consulting is available at the phone number 03-296994, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even on weekend and holidays.

    Patients that may need medical consultation at home

    • Elderly patients or at risk.
    • Patients having mobility issues or difficulty leaving their home.
    • Patients suffering from serious, multiple or complex health conditions.
    • Patients that were recently discharged from a hospital, skilled nursing facility or rehabilitation facility.

    Services include

    • Management of chronic illness and ongoing primary medical care.
    • Geriatric consults to help evaluate memory, physical and mental capacity, fall risk and more.
    • Prescription refills.
    • Medical Act at home.(nasogastric tube, foley catheter…).
    • Palliative consults. We can help with end-of-life discussions and determining goals of care.