• nursing care in lebanon

    Our skilled and experienced Registered Nurses provide you with all the needed care, at your home, and according to your doctor’s vision and prescription. This care will include continuous reports to your physician as required.

    Situations we manage at home:

    • Postoperative (surgical care) care.
    • StomyCare(Gastrostomy,Jejunostomy, Ileostomy,Colostomy…)
    • Diabetic care and education.
    • Cerebro•vascular accidents (CVA) care.
    • Cardiac Conditions Care.
    • Alzheimer’s care.
    • Pain management.
    • Suture removal.
    • Catheter care.
    • Enteral and parenteral therapies.
    • Intravenous and Intramuscular therapies.
    • Antibiotic therapy.
    • Psychiatric care.
    • Pulmonary care.
    • Infectious disease care.
    • Wound care.
    • Care of the Oncologic Conditions.
    • Tracheotomy Care.

    Our staff members will work with you and your physician to develop your plan of care to decide what services you need, what health care professionals should give these services, how often you will need the services, the medical equipment you need and what results your doctor expects from your treatment.