• About Patient:

    • Protect the patient family's atmosphere.
    • Ensure confidentiality between our company and our patients.
    • Ensure the good quality of care at home 24/24 and 7/7, under the supervision of your physician.
    • Ensure a team of specialists.
    • Support the patient financially.
    • Support the patient psychologically and morally.

    About Nurse:

    • Provide job opportunities for qualified paramedical staff
    • Support the ongoing training.
    • Evaluate the quality of care by our head nurse clinical manager.

    Our Interest:

    The comfort of the patient, the prognosis of his disease, followed by good quality care for a better quality of life remain the priority of our support at home. A form of assessment (OPINION) is delivered to our patients or their families to evaluate our services based on humanitarian criteria at first.